Hipster Princess

This is an invitation to a KaTnipZ Events 5L Grid Wide Hunt.

I am inviting you to participate in our hunt CHALLENGE!
Our Theme is : 

 "Hipster Princess"
  ~Because castles are too mainstream!~
 5L Hunt
 April 30th - May 30th
Like I said this is a CHALLENGE! This means you get a character from me, which you have to recreate in a Hipster Fashion. So be inspired by the colors, by the story or game of the character or feature characteristics.

I will accept 50 Designers to this hunt and I have a list of 50 Video Game Characters. YOU will randomly give me a number (which will not affect the line up - like always first come first serve) and I will give you the Character with that number on my list. YES your task will be to work with what  I am giving you. "But I don't know this character". Well lucky you, I will make a blogpage with pictures of all characters that are to be represented and also google helps too :P

So if you want in on this totally epic  hunt please let me know and fill out the attached application


This is a hunt organized by KaTnipZ Events, you can join our hunter group inworld:

The group for designers is invite only!

blog: http://katnipzevents.blogspot.de/

» This is a 5L Hunt
» The hunt item should relate to the character you drew, it is ok to make shoes, jewelry and other accessories too! it should be a new release and stay exclusive during the time of the hunt, be creative ^^ but NO Resellers, BIAB (Business In A Box), and/or Freebies found in BIAB.
» Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop.
» Hints are appreciated.
» If you don't get an answer after 1 week feel free to contact us again.
» If you are accepted, please rezz the hunt sign in your main store.


Begin: April 30th
End: May 30th
Hunt sign: Must be up as soon as you are accepted and must stay up during the time of the hunt.
Hintcard: Last day to submit your hintcards is April 25th

Normal >
250L fee. Your Logo gets on the blog with LM. You also get notice rights in the Hunters group. You can request invite or send me NCs to send out.

Premium >
500L fee. Your Logo gets on the poster and blog with LM, short store description and 3 items of yours as preview. You also get notice rights in the Hunters group. You can request invite or send me NCs to send out.

Bloggers Group:
Our group has several bloggers so feel free to send your hunt item out to them as preview or when the hunt has started.

Please copy this into a nc, fill it out completely, name it HP Application [Your Name]  and send it back to Kralicecik Dufaux.
If accepted you will be added to the line up, get a group invite and the hunt sign.

Store Name:

Owner’s Name:

Please write down 5 random numbers from 1-50:
You will get 2 characters from me which you can choose from!

Group invitation goes to (if different from owner):



What type of gift will you be making for the hunt (clothes, accessory, shoes?):

Are you interested in being a sponsor:
(see info NC)

If yes, Premium or Normal?:

If yes, please include your logo into this notecard:

Are you willing to follow the timeline and rules of the hunt:

We have our own blogger group, would you be interested in getting your hunt item blogged?:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kralicecik Dufaux at any time.

-Lady and the Tramp

-Fairies vs Dead Dolls

-Creatures of the Night

-Alice's Gatcha Adventure

-Sexy Naughty Bitchy Gatcha Hunt

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